Active and sports tourism in Tenerife

Active and sports tourism in Tenerife

Tenerife is a modern and innovative island that offers each visitor what he or she wants. Launching off a mountain for paragliding or diving into the deep sea - offering another vast world beneath its surface - these are among the things we do every day. Admire the covered crops of banana trees, vineyards, pine trees, wild forests and cliffs, it is a pleasure that requires the phrase to be repeated that we should enjoy everything in Tenerife, because we are fortunate to be here.




To begin with, we will tell you that the island has 3,000 hours of sunlight, that in its 400 kilometres of coastline unusual beaches can be found, which we will present later and that you have 43 clearly distinctive natural areas that cover half of the island's territory. If you wish, you can admire more than 800 native species of flora and fauna in this island's mini world. Spring warmth spreads for almost 365 days of the year, with an annual average temperature of 22°. In its 2.038 square metres a perfect mix of recreational possibilities and nature activities, history and traditions are gathered together, with delicious options such as typical gastronomy that we have left behind, marvellous for its splendid simplicity.

Tenerife has everything, everything that you could wish for at least only an hour away from tourist points thanks to the excellent motorway network, roads and to the efficiency of public transport that unite the corners of the island. Tenerife is also a luxury tourist destination that has two airports: Tenerife South where almost all of the international flights arrive, and Tenerife North, that keeps the island connected daily with the principal airports of the archipelago and with other Spanish and European points.

No need to be bored because in Tenerife you can do everything. Choose between the different activities available for active and sports tourism. The island has the best conditions available for you to do whatever you like best.


Hiking and walking in Tenerife

There is no better way to get to know the corners and the nature of the island than walking through it. The climate is always good, so it is always a good moment to put on your walking boots and go out into the paths that cross the Island from north to south. Hundreds of kilometres of well-marked trails, that you can either walk with a guide or on your own. You can, for example devote a day to the Teide National Park, passing through the stunning scenery of the Siete Cañadas. Ask for a trekking route plan at the tourist information offices.




Suggestions: walk through the Guimar Malpais. Climb through the Callejón de Teno. Enjoy Las Vueltas Taganana. Walk through the trail that crosses the Rambla de Castro in Los Realejos. Amble through the trail that goes from the Cruz del Carmen to Punta del Hidalgo. There are also some routes that are recommended not only for experts, but also for amateurs or people with disabilities. There is the Los Sentidos trail in the Anaga Rural Park, where you will find easy to understand notice boards during the walks to help you get to know them better, to properly stimulate the senses.


Tenerife rock climbing

Tenerife's Volcanic Walls give you the chance to test your spirit of endurance by doing this sport. As the island is mountainous there are different degrees of difficulty for all levels, so you can start on those appropriate for your training. There are professionals who can accompany you and many companies organising this type of activity. If you are already an expert, the most striking options are Arico, Guia de Isora or the Teide National Park.




Canyoning - outdoor adventures in Tenerife

Innumerable ravines furrow Tenerife, therefore the opportunities to practice canyoning and to enjoy the spectacular courses are immense. There are many, thousands of people, who are passionate about the impressive descent down the Masca ravine. In Tenerife you will always find some new place to develop this activity.




Paragliding in Tenerife - experience of flying in Canary islands

Flying changes our perception of the world. To go for such deeply felt experiences as in changing perspective to observe the world; you have to go to the heights. In Tenerife the practice of paragliding has its rewards: a different way of enjoying clean air and the mild climate, accumulating memories of unique landscapes. You can launch off from a height of 2.000 metres from Izaña (Teide National Park), but there are more than 100 points on the island where you can jump and fly over mountains, villages or the coast. When feet are firmly on the ground again, you just want to go back up and launch yourself again.