Carnival in Tenerife

The Carnival in Tenerife is the second largest carnival celebration in the world



The list of celebrations in Tenerife continues in another order. There is one world - renowned fiesta that is identified with the island. The most tremendous and colourful, the most lively and bustling, the fiesta requiring the most hours, days and months for preparation, the grand fiesta of the island with a Gala for Electing the Queen and well-organised parades like the Coso, which all the family can enjoy. We are talking about CARNIVAL. Carnival takes place in municipality after municipality in Tenerife as well as in the capital, Santa Cruz, Tenerife, which is alive with dancing every night.




Going beyond the popular carnival in Tenerife there are also concerts of all types: The Eólico, The Aguaviva, The Canary Festival of Music, the Musical Whims in Isla Baja are just some of them. All of these manifestations of popular enjoyment mean that foreign visitors will take away the best impressions of the delightful, kind and welcoming character of Tenerife. Such meetings are opportunities for Tenerife inhabitants to show their pleasure at receiving travellers, interacting with them so that they return to their original countries with fond memories of their stay.