Festivals, concerts and shows

Festivals in Tenerife

The curtain never lowers on culture in Tenerife, which we breath in every day in the Leal, Guimera or Teobaldo Power theatres, as well as in the Auditorium... there is a very extensive offer. Quality festivals fill the year's events. Performances of music, light and colour, together with amazing productions, become another great offer more for your holidays on Tenerife. Some of the most prominent are: the Canary Island Music Festival, The Opera Festival, Tenerife Dance, Atlantic Jazz, the Musical Whims in Isla Baja, Brazilian Music Festival, Canarian Puppet Festival, Folk and Roots...




Concerts and shows in Tenerife

Visitors can enjoy museums like the TEA (Tenerife Art Space), the Science and Cosmos Museum or the Museum of Nature and Man. From congress centres and congresses and conventions to musical performances, dance etc., as in Magma Art & Congresses, or the Tenerife Adán Martín Auditorium. The island lives Culture intensively, as well as holiday traditions.




Tenerife offers a great variety of concerts during the year. Musical performances at national and international level held in outstanding venues such as the aforementioned Adan Martin Tenerife Auditorium and many others like the spectacular golf courses. Classical music, jazz or acts by top artists completes the islands cultural activities, with world-class concerts that bring together thousands of followers and fans coming from many different places. Besides this, each day brings the possibility of experiencing different shows in night-clubs. In the south we recommend a visit to the Arona Pyramid to experience the musical from the famous choreographer Carmen Mota; in the north, Abaco, the Alhambra or the Canaria Carnaval nightclub (Barbacoa Tacoronte) are well worth a visit.